24 Mar

I just got home after a great Kaleidoscope concert

{Kaleidoscope is a concert in Bill Heard theater where all 240 students of the music school perform – no applause until end and each act only 3-5 minutes}

This year I was selected to represent the vocal area along with my pianist


I was the second on the program and sang So anch’io la virtĂą magica from Donizetti’s Don Pasquale.

The concert worked, so each act was in a different place in the theater.

I was located just in front of the first row of audience and because it was supposed to be spontaneous, I had to jump up from my seat while the hall was dark after the Wind Ensemble finished, to start singing when the spotlight was on me

Well, after I finished my aria I wasn’t able to celebrate yet.

The women’s ensemble, which I am a part of, was also performing two Schumann songs.

Therefore I had to run and change to be at the right place on time


It went by fast, but surely was fun and a great experience!

Junior Recital

23 Mar

My Junior recital happened on Monday.

I am so happy it is done!

I feel good about my performance, And I’m proud of myself for finishing it 🙂

My favorite people of Columbus came and supported me, host family friends and church members…

[Myriam and I after the recital]

I had saved the champagne Myriam gave me for Valentines to celebrate


…and French cheeses and wine conclude my great evening!

Recordings coming soon 🙂

Slowly Heading to NYC

3 Mar

I am currently sitting in the Delta Lounge all alone, finishing their breakfast buffet and sipping on my 3rd coffee latte

And honestly I have no idea why the receptionist let me in…

At this point, Im not going to worry about it : ]

My flight to NYC is leaving in 2 hours!

I have been waiting in Atlanta airport for six hours…

But let’s rewind.

Last night I had the opportunity to go and see La Traviata with the Atlanta opera.

The opera was amazing, and Violetta (Mary Dunleavy) was outstanding!


Ian and Julie, Rotary Friends, invited Tami and I to join them to see the opera.

Of course we couldn’t say no!


We had a great time.


After the tragic endin of the opera Ian and Julie dropped me off at the Atlanta Airport and I have been waiting here since.

The Airport is basically empty after midnight and I found a Food Court with internet to stay at.

Very classy.

It’s been me and the cleaning staff.

I have seen them shine every single dot of those floors.

In my boredom…

I also managed to scatter around inspirational post-it notes around the airport.

If someone is being chased after for putting up too many pink post it notes in Atlanta Airport I am guilty.


I just hope they’ll make someone smile today : )

I’ll be in NYC in just a few hours


Recital Jury – DONEE

27 Feb

My recital Jury is DONEEEE!

…and it went awesome!


I actually was a little nervous, and even skipped all classes that morning.

But when I got into the Performance Room I gave all my extra energy and performed my best :]

I decided to begin with VĂ  Godendo by Handel, since Handel is always a classic and a good starting piece.

Then the professors picked
Notre Amour – FaurĂ©
An die Nachtigall – Schubert
Monica’s Waltz – Menotti

{my full rectal program}

…then I was already 15 minutes and I was Done!

So it is official

My JUNIOR RECITAL will be the 18th March!

Recital Jury

21 Feb

My recital jury is Tuesday.

-I will have to present my recital program for the voice faculty-

The jury is only 15 minutes

…But they can ask me to perform any of the piece I propose to them


Today, I managed to run through almost all of the songs with my professor


Afterwards, I listened to the lesson and noted all comments down


-so many songs-
-so much detailed work-

but I can do it


20 Feb

I colored my hair today!


A few days ago I got the idea to go blonde.

Having never ever colored my hair before – I was so nervous!

Luckily, Katie, my hairstylist was so nice, and convinced me this was going to be great!

{we also decided to go slowly so I won’t be a total blonde until April :] }

And yes!
I am happy


It is a little hard to adjust to

But I’m sure this will brighten up my days :]

It took Katie almost thee hours to color and cut, and when done I literally had to run to rehearsal!

I made it right on time.

The Columbus State University Philharmonic was having a Composer Reading rehearsal and my friend Andrew wrote a piece that included a soprano solo.

I was fortune that he asked me to sing the soprano part


His piece is dramatic with a big sound, contrasting sections and trumpets scattered up in the balcony of the hall

My solo happens in the end of the piece and is solely accompanied by sustained pitches of the orchestra

– such a calm and sweet ending

When I came home after my lesson, I found flowers waiting for me in my room.


Andrew had left me flowers for singing for him today, too sweet!

Very unexpected!

HalldĂ­s in Columbus

18 Feb

It always special when a friend from home comes to visit.


I took HalldĂ­s to A Baptist Church and afterwards to lunch with my “American granddaddy” to the Chattahoogie RiverClub

-I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to go back to NYC after all the fun in the sunny south-



16 Feb

NATS is over

Long story Short – I didn’t do my best

I sang Monica’s Waltz for the judges, but I only felt I was giving 90%
-they ended up picking French (Au bord de l’eau) and German (Das Veilchen) to hear me sing as well

Some days are different than others

{I guess}

It was a though category
– senior undergrad women –

My audition was at 2:24, and I had to wait until 4:45 for the results.

Normally, results come straight after the last person sings
{in my situation at 4:00}

-but I ended up waiting almost an hour for the results-
{There was probably a debate over the results }

Even though I didn’t place in the end – I ended up receiving FANTASTIC comments

And every judge gave me a superior

{which I have never received, even when I have placed in past years!}


The judges were really positive and encouraging.

I guess those 5-10% really make a difference

But, now this is the past, and I’m focusing on my future events!

-first symphony solo rehearsal is Wednesday
-ClassicalSingers competition is next Saturday!
-junior recital is in A MONTH GAHHH!

But, you might wonder who’s keeping me company these days…


HalldĂ­s is visiting from NYC


Of course I showed her around Columbus ~ on my scooter :]

I’m so happy to have her!

Tomorrow I’m taking her with me to church

…let’s see what she thinks about that :]

NATS weekend

14 Feb

Its the NATS time of year


{Last years NATS at Clayton State}

Tomorrow I have my annual NATS competition.

{a mandatory GA state competition in classical singing}

I am excited!

I have picked my outfit and it’s all ready hanging in front of my closet :]

The competition is held at a different school every year, and this year the competition is at MY school!

So…no driving, no hotel room, no skipping school…

So, the big question is what am I going to sing.

20130214-161536.jpgI will begin with Monica’s Waltz from the Medium

Then I will have 4 more songs ready for the judges to hear.
-Au bord de l’eau by Faurè
-Das Veilchen by Mozart
-Quel guardo il cavaliere by Donizetti
-Why do they shut me out of heaven by Copland

Basically, I will walk in, sing my aria and then the judges will request to hear another selection, until time runs out.

I am really excited!
This is going to be so much fun.

Good luck to me!

Valentines Day 2013

14 Feb

It’s my third official Valentines Day in America.

Of course I am celebrating with some chocolate.

I had my voice lesson this morning, and my professor left me with a piece of Chocolate


I was trying to remember my previous Valentines Day’s…

The first one, I can’t really recall, I remember receiving some fancy chocolate.

At that time I thought it was dumb (Well I kinda still think so)


–And I took a picture of Publix over-decorated store–

The second one I remember Catherine bringing me balloons and chocolate.


This morning Myriam came by my room with Champagne and a heart balloon.


I can’t wait t have a sip of my cava this weekend.

-I also wanted to Include this picture with my post-

-My friend Tyler, bought Roses and cupcakes for everyone to share at the music school-

-I thought it was the sweetest thing-


Happy Valentines!

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