Countries barbeque

23 Oct

Good afternoon!

This afternoon my family in Georgia ( my take-care-of-a-foreign-student family) invited me to come eat dinner with them.

They decided to eat out at Countries barbecue.

After living in the south for a year I have become very familiar with barbecue.
Also, I have realized that my take-care-of-me family eats out every day.

When living in Iceland we would hardy eat out at all, only for special occasions. At first i felt it was neat that i could pick whatever i wanted and get a full service for everything. But after a year it has become a little tiring. You start to miss the home cooked meals your mom had been cooking in Iceland.

Anyways, back to countries.

It has this special atmosphere. It is very casual looking, like the old diners back in the days.

The first thing I ordered was an unsweetened tea.

Those cups look cute don’t they?


I decided to skip the barbecue this time and order some chicken tenders, beans and tomatoes.

And I took a huge step forward, skipping the cornbread (my guilty pleasure)


( the bread was ordered for my host dad )

The chicken was delicious. Very juicy and nice. However eating chicken at countries didn’t seem right.

I guess when a restaurant is famous for something special and you are used to ordering the same thing over and over the experience doesn’t feel the same.

For dessert I ordered a pumpkin pie with my host-mom. I forgot to take a picture but it tasted Delicious. It was their seasonal specialty.

How can anyone resist a pumpkin pie?

I mean, before we know it, pumpkin is going to be out of season!

Anyways, I am going to continue reading for my US history exam.


Oh P.S.

I am snaking on some Candy Corn, what do you think about these?



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