Vocalists expenses?

7 Dec

My roommate plays the violin.

The other day we discussed the expenses of being an instrumentalist.
She has to buy strings, bows, expensive instruments…

What do us vocalists have to buy?
How do we take care of our instrument, that is our body…

I figured, if my body is my instrument, could coloring my eyebrows and getting an haircut be the expenses to take care of my instrument? 🙂

I go to the salon to color my eyebrows every other month, just like they change strings ever other month right?

Somehow, I am one of few people In Columbus that color my eyebrows, I guess it’s the Scandinavian Gene that only needs coloring!

Coffee beanery is located just next to the salon and I  went there, while waiting for the color to dry on my eyebrow. I wonder what the staff thought about the customer that looked like a Witch 🙂

Cheap shoes on sale

Dillards purple shoes

And while waiting, I had nothing else to do than taking a picture of my shoes (7 dollars at Dillards )

Love these!

I forgot to take an after picture.

But, I can tell you. This will definitely improve my singing, where I feel much more confident where my eyebrows look nice.

Musicians are weird, singers are weird. But sometimes, small things can make a tremendous difference.



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