The True Story of Cinderella

12 Feb

Yesterday night I performed along with 11 Vocalists at the Schwob School of Music the True Story of Cinderella.
The music is written for 12 vocalists, piano and a narrator.
I was given the part of the Fairy Godmother, a part for a coloratura soprano with a lot of arpeggiated chords 🙂

I had found the perfect dress in Iceland this past summer.

The perfect dress for ” the sweetest little old lady you ever had seen”

The cast was fantastic.


As you can see, the chairs were placed in a curved line on front of the stage.
This was performed oratorio style, which means each performer stood up with its music in hand, sang its song and sat down.

You may wonder why this is called “the true story”.
Yes! It was!
In addition to the regular characters there were three hermits that confused the story a little.
However, just like any other fairy tale it had to have a perfect ending.
The three hermits fell in love with the stepsisters and the stepmother.

The King, Fairy Godmother and the first hermit.
What about the fairy godmother?
Oh yes!
Of course the Herald himself.
After singing “how about me? No one for me? Poor me, poor me”
The fairy godmother stands up “here I am my honey lamb….”
( I guess it’s a gotta be there moment, but the crowd bursted into laughter)

The Herald and the Godmother

Of course I wore my sparkly golden shoes 🙂

Well, I had a blast, and hopefully I will be able to perform this again!



3 Responses to “The True Story of Cinderella”

  1. Choc Chip Uru March 10, 2012 at 22:21 #

    Your experiences are so cool! You sing awesome (Youtube :D) and omg this is so awesome to see – can’t wait to see more from your blog!!!
    I used to take singing lessons but my teacher stopped and I am really shy 😛 – now it is all the shower is my crowd 😉
    And thanks for subscribing to my blog – I hope you enjoy the posts and thank you for such sweet comments!

    Choc Chip Uru

    P.S Love your pink dress – totally should have been Cinderella but at least you get the magic powers 😀

  2. asolosingerinamerica March 10, 2012 at 22:57 #

    Haha thank youu!

    Yes, I love this dress so much, so unique 🙂


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