President Banerjee visits Columbus

24 Feb

Since I am not A GRSP student anymore, I have not been attending many Rotary meeting this past year.

However, the Rotary meeting was special this past week.

I felt honored to attend the Rotary meeting.

President Banerjee selected the Rotary club of Columbus as one of 10 clubs to visit in his president year.


President Banerjee had a great speech about Rotary International and the polio project.
His enthusiasm was inspiring and motivating.


He also honored the Rotary Club of Columbus for its great projects and dedication.
There is no wonder, but the Columbus Rotary Club is the largest 100% Paul Harris fellow club.

Including Me 🙂

Of course I got a picture with the President.


He took the time to ask how I got to America and was interested in the GRSP program.
I felt is was interesting that he had travelled to Iceland and even remembered full names of a few Rotarians 🙂

What a nice Rotary meeting!


2 Responses to “President Banerjee visits Columbus”

  1. charlotte conner February 24, 2012 at 13:34 #

    We are fortunate to have Bjorg as a music intern in our church….First Baptist Church of Columbus,GA. Her voice is breathtaking!

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