Þorrablót in Atlanta

28 Feb


A few months ago I found a non-formal Facebook group with Icelanders in Atlanta.

This weekend the group had organized an event called þorrablót in Stone Mountain with Icelandic food only 🙂

January and february are called þorri in Iceland, and it is traditional to have festivals connected to those months with traditional food from Iceland.

I talked my friend Catherine into going with me.

I was greeted by Icelandic people, in Icelandic ( Wonderful! ) and offered shark and Brennivín (Icelandic traditional shot).


There was all kinds of delicious food, wind dried fish, smoked lamb, rye bread, ram’s testicles, head cheese, liver sausage, blood pudding, seals flippers and mashed turnips.

Sounds delicious?


Catherine, the born and raised American, actually liked most of it, especially the lamb.


After enjoying the food, the singing began.


The icelandic classics were sung, and since I was known to be a singer, I was sent up on stage.


Throughout the evening the glasses were raised and the crowd shouting “skál”


Before we knew it, we had to leave back to Columbus.

After this I am sure I will be able to survive few more months without Iceland 🙂


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