Metropolitan Visit

4 Mar

Today has been amazing in NY!

…I don’t think I can feel my feet anymore.

— A little recap from last night —

We Visited a little vegan Korean restaurant around the corner from the hotel.

I had a tofu dish with pumpkin, and ginger tea on the side.

Oh my! So delichhh!


And then…

More shopping on Times Square.

I love Times Square in the evening, with all those lights 🙂

So, this morning I forced Halldís out of bed.

The genius me, arranged a tour around the metropolitan at 10:30 in the morning.

That’s not too early, right?

Well, we had to walk to there for an hour and have breakfast somewhere.

So, by running by Starbucks, we got to the Met on time.

The tour was AWESOME!

(don’t think Halldís enjoyed it much,but whatever)

We walked around backstage, saw everything from stage making, costumes, dressing room and the stage itself.

The stage was huuuuuge! And yeah, I ended up singing Quando men vo for the group, On The Stage! Yess, I felt like a true diva hehe

Well, I just can’t get over how amazing the tour was.

Oh my

Oh my



Right after out metropolitan tour, I had booked a tour around Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown.

(an hour away = smart decision)

Well, Halldís and I managed to get the tour.

The tour turned out to be awesome, the guide was entertaining and had so many funny stories to tell.

We saw where Heath ledger died, walked around the history of SoHo, ate Little Italy’s famous rice pudding, walked through the story of Little Italy and smelled all the pizza restaurants and lastly, saw the Chinese people of NY and their interesting variety of dried food, even tasted some chinese pastry..




The tour ended up being more than 2 hours and no cost! But of course we gave the guide a tip, and headed to one of the Ice Cream shops that Halldís couldn’t take her mind off.

20120304-224858.jpg notice the cute cup for my hot water, me like <;3

I passed with a cup of tea, but Halldís praises the ice cream!

We walked the Brooklyn bridge.


Amazing view

Later we found a petit Tapas bar in SoHo where I had white wine and cheese.

Perfect ending of a nice day

Tomorrow has a nice schedule too, I’m already excited ( hint bjorktomorrownight hint )



2 Responses to “Metropolitan Visit”

  1. Quimper Hitty March 11, 2012 at 02:11 #

    Hitty Constance is SO jealous! She has been to the Met, but hasn’t had a real backstage tour, only in her dreams.

  2. motornaolja March 28, 2012 at 02:40 #

    motorna olja
    Thanks for your input and I will use it for my school research that I am doing for this website.

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