Björk Concert

6 Mar


I just heard Björk live!


My childhood friend, Sigrún, is singing on tour with Björk and this was their last performance in NYC

She kindly offered me tickets I couldn’t refuse

Her choir, Graduele Nobili, has been touring around the world with Björk.

N.b. this was my first choir. I talked Sigrún into auditioning with me and I ended up quitting after a year but she loved it and has stayed from then!

And look at the opportunities they are receiving right now!

Truly amazing. I am so happy for them.


The concert was crowded of excited fans.


Björk entered stage in an interesting but gorgeous blue dress and thick wedges along with the beautiful girls choir.

Björk sounded spotless live! What an amazing voice and the girls voices sounded great too.

The stage was circular and audience all around.

The highlight of the show was when she sang Eyjafjallajökull.

So good


I am still recovering after this magnificent experience

She is one of is kind

Although, Her Icelandic accent cracks me up.

All those rolled r’s

If I could only roll my r’s like that in Columbus.


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