Goodbye NYC

6 Mar

The time has come!

Goodbye NYC!

It’s been great fun

The last day was laid-back and we enjoyed our last minutes in the city.


Le Pain Quotidien

Halldís went to visit her future NY college and teachers and I spent time drinking coffee.

I don’t mind.

More coffee = Björg becomes happier


Had some fun in M&M land.

Wow, I blushed when Ms M&M complimented my eyes! Lol

“the sparkle of your eyes will get people talking”

Don’t mind staying there forever.

Somehow, we got away from there.

Trying to remember how…

Oh right! We just ran to the Hersey’s store across the street.

I think I have a chocolate syndrome


That’s a Cappuccino truffle

So good

Chillin’ at Times Square

You know, just an every day thing right?


Well, it’s been a great trip!

And, wonderful to spend time with my great friend, Halldís

What’s waiting for me in Columbus?

No idea

Since I have 5 days left of Spring break

Let’s just say I’m gonna make something fun happen…


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