Convocation run-survival!

16 Mar

I totally survived my performance today!


I sang two classics
( no weird songs this time ;] )
-Va godendo by Handel
-Das Veilchen by Mozart

I was really scared for my four-bar vocal run in Va godendo!
-it’s kinda like gymnastics, but vocal gymnastics
-basically I just continue singing up and down on “ah” for a long time without breathing ;]
-and it was my first time performing a run ever!

So kudos to me for surviving another one of my fears
-last time it was the rappelling
-seems like I am testing my fear these days ;]

Well, we had a great time backstage too, gotta have a little laugh before going on stage!


I was third on the program, and the only vocalist :]


If you read yesterday’s post I said I was performing twice in 2 hours!
Before convocation I had studio class with my fellow vocalists
-studio class occurs every Friday for an hour and is where all of Professor Lawler-Johnson’s students sing for each other.
-a great chance to see fellow singers improve and develop


-Look how everybody is dressed up, at least Paul and Randi! (the ones in the picture)
-yes we have dress codes and specifications how we present ourselves ;]

After Convocation I had to run to my RA class
We had a project due: to making a poster presenting ourselves

Look at mine


…tonight the Mezzo-Soprano, Linda DiFiori is coming to the Schwob to have a recital, real exciting!

-she is also the one that is conducting the master class I am singing in tomorrow :]



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