Weekend Recap

19 Mar

This weekend has been productive and fun!

Friday began with some singing, RA class and later a Concert at Legacy Hall with Linda DiFiori, Voice Professor in North Texas, singing


Good day!

Saturday morning was rise and shine!
I had to be ready to sing at 10am at a masterclass with Linda DiFiori


I sang Villanelle by Berlioz
-she commented about my speaking voice vs my singing voice and that I needed to lighten up my speaking voice in order to sing better
-also she made me do some exercises like monkey breathing and sitting in a chair, laying back, which actually worked :]

Well she was real smart and the masterclass was very informative

There were 5 other singers singing, so it was fun to see the others sing and get “fixed” ;]

Rest of Saturday was spent catching up on homework and catching up on long-time-no-Skype friends, plus loads of coffee


I Skyped with these two for more than an hour



Sunday was far away from being a rest day!

At 10:30am I was at church, all dressed up ready to sing in the choir


-I look so cute in my church thingy right? Ha!

After church I headed to the River club for a Sunday 3-course brunch with my American Granddad :]


Look at the dessert ;]

The rest of the afternoon was spent observing a horn lesson, more skyping! And popular music ensemble rehearsal


Skyping with these people…


Ahhh I love Skype!

-Popular music ensemble rehearsal was fun! We are getting ready for a concert the 30th March.
-it’s all acoustic
-one of our song is little talks, so-much-fun!

I’m going on a field trip tomorrow with my Communication class

I am packing some snacks for tomorrow

I feel like a little kid again :]


6 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. Corrie Anne March 19, 2012 at 01:05 #

    Ah.. I used to love doing piano masterclasses. So fun!! Love that you’re having so much fun!

  2. Bryndís March 19, 2012 at 04:22 #

    Ohhh en gaman! Takk fyrir myndina:) hehe
    En hvað er ég með utan um hálsinn á mér…

    Love you

  3. Casey March 22, 2012 at 13:57 #

    Your pictures are so cute! Are you on Instagram? Please do let me know if you are – I’d love to keep up with what you’re doing.

    Thank you for all your support over on Word from Bird xx

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