Italy – I’m here!

7 Jun

I know I’m a little late…


I’m in Urbania, Italy!

It’s day 4 and I’m exhausted – in a good way

But let’s start from Ora 1

I arrived to Italy On Saturday after 18 hours of traveling – 3 stops.

Don’t worry, I found the lounge in Vienna with unlimited drinks, food and coffee


I stayed at a hotel in Milan for one night.


The hotel had a swimming pool and wifi – so I was happy.

Plus a pretty garden.


On Saturday I had an Italian hotel breakfast – croissant and cappuccino
(first Italian cappuccino)
…and headed to meet the other singers at the airport


Over 20 singers were waiting at the airport. Most of them being good students and practicing or reading over their music – enthusiasm!

Finally, we got on a bus and drove for 6 hours to Urbania!

It was overwhelming to finally see the beautiful Urbania.


Urbania is a small town with Only about 7000 habitants.

We were assigned apartments all around Urbania and I was fortunate to be paired with a great roommate in a great place!


Can my window view be any prettier?

I am sharing a room and apartment with an American new Yorker, Liz.


We are having a blast in the apartment!

The first four days have been packed with Italian lessons and singing lessons and coachings.

Basically, a day begins with Italian language class from 8:50-12:20.

And the day looks something like this…


-make sure to see to notice the cute granny sleep gown in the window-

At 13:00 singing rehearsal begin. The rehearsals vary from coachings on opera scenes and personal solo repertoire coachings.

In the evening we may have masterclasses or concerts.

As you can see, it’s no tan and relax here in Urbania even though I am having more fun and learning more than I ever thought I would!

I will continue with my week later.

I’m going to read over my music.



Is you want to see what really happend -plus me trying to be in the video watch this VIDEO


One Response to “Italy – I’m here!”

  1. zannyro June 8, 2012 at 21:59 #

    It sounds like a wonderful experience…the one thing that I always wished I could be good at was singing! Thank you for keeping us posted on your summer experiences! Have fun!

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